Wallick Promotes Paul Koehler to Chief Administrative Officer

It’s Wallick’s pleasure to announce Paul Koehler has been promoted to Chief Administrative Officer. In this role, Paul will oversee budget, operations and strategic planning for Wallick’s IT, HR, Advertising & Marketing and Project Management departments.

In 2014, Paul joined Wallick as Chief Information Officer to lead the Company’s IT team in addition to identifying and implementing new technologies based on Wallick’s strategy and industry trends. Last year, Paul’s role was expanded to include leadership of Wallick’s Advertising & Marketing department.

For the past four years, Paul has brought an innovative, project-management focused approach to the company and under his guidance, both IT and Advertising & Marketing have advanced considerably. An advocate for Wallick’s values – care, character and collaboration – Paul will continue to help shape Wallick’s future and carry out the Company’s mission to open doors to homes, opportunities and hope.

In light of Paul’s advancement, Wallick is also pleased to announce the promotion of Brandon Carter to Director of Information Technology. Brandon has been with Wallick since 2009 and has played an integral part in transforming Wallick’s IT department as well as deploying new and innovative business solutions. Additionally, Debbie Townsend has been promoted to Manager of Software Support. Debbie also joined Wallick in 2009 and has since been instrumental in driving business process automation through software and creating a culture rooted in helping our associates succeed.