Why Wallick?

Why us? Great question—especially if you’re a property owner or investor looking for an outstanding property management, development, construction or asset management partner.

Now we could tell you some pretty cool things about our HUD experience and service innovations. Or we could tell you what sticklers we are for quality and compliance. Or maybe we could share a bit about our 55+ years of providing safe, quality homes, care and dignity to thousands of fixed-income seniors and low-income families. And all of it would be true.

But at the heart of it all are three genuine reasons:

It costs nothing to show compassion. It costs everything if you don’t.

For us, there’s nothing more important than enriching the lives of others.

Trusting us is your call. Proving worthy of it is ours.

We’re dedicated to making your experience with us something others want to live up to.

Alone we can do some things. Together we can do anything.

The greatest impact we can have comes from working well with others.

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