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Our Response to Racism, Diversity & Inclusion

Sadly and ashamedly, we recognize and acknowledge racism still exists in our society.  We have many Black people working at Wallick and living in our communities.  Many of our associates, residents, and their family members are victims of racism.  They live in fear for themselves and for their children.  However, at Wallick, we are all family.   

For the owners and leaders of Wallick, we believe that we have all been created equal, regardless of where we were born, regardless of our gender, and regardless of the color of our skin.  This belief is ingrained in our values.  And all of us are committed to walk our talk every day.   

We can’t fix this problem alone, but we are committed to being part of the solution. Our first steps within our organization are to listen, understand, and most importantly have more conversations about systemic racism to ensure we take an active role in pursuing equity for all. At our core, we help those in need. Together we will work equally hard to make Wallick a safe place to live and work, now and always, without prejudice.