Mothers of Roll Hill Community Come Together to Tackle Infant Mortality in Hamilton County

On February 13, the Villages at Roll Hill opened the doors of their community room to nonprofit organization, Cradle Cincinnati, to assist with the creation of billboards promoting safe sleeping habits for infants. Cradle Cincinnati nurses, staff from children’s hospital and mothers from Roll Hill all came together to develop these billboards, which will be placed in 52 neighborhoods across Hamilton County.

Cradle Cincinnati is a nonprofit organization funded by the Hamilton County Health Department. The program began 3 years ago, when Hamilton County was rated as one of the United States’ 231 counties with the highest infant mortality rate. On average, for every 1,000 live births in Hamilton County, around 9 infants do not survive to see their first birthday. To achieve their goal of decreasing the infant mortality rate in Hamilton County, Cradle Cincinnati focuses on promoting safe sleeping arrangements for babies, reducing tobacco use and other substance abuse during pregnancy and encouraging the expansion of time between each woman’s pregnancy to prevent prematurity. The Villages at Roll Hill were one of the very first communities to welcome Cradle Cincinnati, when the program first started. Roll Hill will continue to work with Cradle Cincinnati by hosting educational monthly workshops at their community.

Cradle Cincinnati also works to provide pack n’ plays, so mothers and fathers-to-be can setup a safe sleeping space for their baby. The organization operates a diaper bank as well, which distributes diapers to community centers across Hamilton County and even delivers diapers straight to the homes of parents.

If you would like to learn more about Cradle Cincinnati, please visit Thank you to everyone who participated in the creation of the billboards. Your efforts to promote the wellness and safety of infants are greatly appreciated.

Also, if you are in the Cincinnati area, don’t forget to look out for the Safe Sleep Billboards that will be located in the following areas from March 6 to April 2.

  • Central Parkway & Western Hills Viaduct
  • Hopple & Beekman Street
  • Ashtree Drive & Hamilton Avenue
  • Este & Center Hill Avenue
  • Mehring Way & Freeman Avenue
  • Colerain Avenue & Elmore Street
  • Hamilton & Roosevelt Avenue
  • Montgomery & Smith Road
  • Colerain & Compton Road
  • Crookshank Road & Glenway Avenue