New Team Drives Development Activity
Well Above Expectations

Coming out of its 2018 strategic planning work Wallick decided they needed to create more collaboration within its development team, and a restructuring was needed to accomplish this. John Leonard was asked to expand his role to take leadership of both Construction and Development. Then, several very talented and up and coming team members were given the opportunity to take lead development roles. Clear targets were set, which included increasing the value of development projects to be awarded in 2019.

The results...

Not only did this new team exceed Wallick's historical levels, but they significantly surpassed their target!

• Two projects awarded in Kentucky's 9% round
• Three 4% gap funding awards in Ohio and another one in Illinois
• A housing authority award
•Two senior living projects

Four of these projects far exceed typical projects in scale.

Each project is the creation or revitalization of a community, and each poised to serve families and seniors in need. To us, this the most exciting and meaningful outcome of our work!

Almost as exciting though — seeing a new team, giving the opportunity to excel — achieve great results!

Meet The Development Team

Serving more residents. Empowering its associates.
It's one more answer to the question, "Why Wallick?"