Wallick Leverages Internal Social Media
to Drive Affordable Housing Occupancy

Who would’ve thought an internal social media platform had the potential to increase occupancy? Wallick did. Through Yammer, a private social networking service, the company’s affordable housing portfolio enhanced its focus on the nation’s housing need, and as a result, achieved nearly 97% occupancy.

How, you ask? By creating Yammer challenges where associates are presented with a goal and use a designated hashtag to share amazing stories about helping those oppressed by the affordable housing shortage. "Change the World" has been the most significant Yammer challenge conducted by the company’s affordable housing team to date.
The Goal: To work together to provide safe, quality homes to families and seniors living without housing or without adequate housing, and to share accomplishments on Yammer using #ChangeTheWorld.

The Results: In two months, the team achieved almost 250 move-ins and countless Yammer posts, revitalizing a culture that centers around positively impacting our residents’ lives.
"Change the World" helped foster an engaging, culture-driven environment, inspiring associates to use Yammer to collaborate more often and to improve operations at the community level. Associates also use targeted Yammer groups to share information about a variety of topics including maintenance, accounts receivable, and learning and development.

In the past year, our Affordable Housing team found an innovative way to work together, recognize others’ success, and increase occupancy, all with the help of an internal social media platform.
Affordable Housing Operations Sees Improvements Under
Revised Model
Three years ago, Wallick implemented a more team-based staffing model, named Paradigm. Since then the company has continued to refine that model. With these refinements, the operations team has experienced more collaboration, associate promotion and growth opportunities, improved workflow, and increased ownership of daily operations at the community-level.
Our team understands that a vacant unit means that there's a family somewhere living out of its car or a single mother raising her children in a shelter, who desperately need housing. Yammer enables us to celebrate each move-in, not as a number, but as a home. Our focus is on "why" - our residents - and the byproduct is a financially and physically strong community.

— Amy Albery, SVP of Affordable Housing Operations

It's one more answer to the question,
“Why Wallick?”