Wallick's Construction Team Driving Enhanced Performance Under New Leadership
Photo: The Ashford at Sturbridge in Hilliard, Ohio on January 30, 2018.

You won’t find too many companies in the affordable housing industry that can develop, construct and manage their own communities, and have a strong culture based on caring, character and collaboration. These traits not only set Wallick apart, but also attract talented leaders like John Leonard, who assumed his leadership position over Wallick’s construction business unit just over a year ago. It wasn’t necessarily John’s 30-plus years of experience that encouraged Wallick to bring him aboard, but rather the depth of his knowledge.

Collaborating closely with the development team to identify important issues early-- a skill both John and his team possess-- spares the company time and resources during the development process, eliminates uncertainty, reduces construction timelines and, ultimately, reduces construction costs. Importantly, it also reduces change orders, which is something Wallick’s third-party clients appreciate.

Wallick Construction is currently putting its skills into action with the redevelopment of four affordable communities in Kentucky, and two more in Ohio. Additionally, the team is currently constructing the company’s second memory care community and its third affordable assisted living community. Under the direction of Wallick’s experienced team, these projects are being completed sooner than in the past, typically cutting 90 to 120 days from construction schedules.

As John says, “a leader is only as good as his team.” At Wallick, you will find individuals intensely dedicated to the company’s mission and its residents, who are in desperate need of safe and affordable homes.

John Leonard
Senior Vice President, Construction
John Leonard, who joined Wallick in fall 2016, oversees all aspects of construction. Over the past year he has demonstrated his experience in site development, project management, cost analysis and much more. Prior to joining Wallick, John served in senior roles with the NRP Group for 16 years and with Zaremba for 14 years. During his career, John has built over 10,000 residential units throughout the U.S.